The rapid dumps of the main digital assets, exit scams, trade volume manipulations... The key uncertainties of the crypto world are related to exchanges that operate as a black box. Based on research carried out by CER, it is apparent that the community has lost its confidence in using trade volumes as a key metric for exchange ranking. The market ranks cryptocurrencies by the market cap and trade volume, so why should we keep ranking exchanges only by one metric?
As true believers in the crypto revolution, CER is launching a crowdsource framework for exchanges' Hot and Cold balance detection. Now, it's time for the community to take the next step towards helping the crypto market achieve maturity. Join our global transparency hacking initiative!
How it works_
A 4 level wallet evaluation system created to filter wallets which will take part in the calculation. The following steps are equally important when calculating the final result:
  • Providing information
  • Validating partners
  • Validating the work done by transparency hackers

Transparency hacker submits:
  • BTC/ETH address
  • Description of the work done
  • Print screen from the exchange account, including a deposit address

  • Providing information
  • Validation of transparency hacker work
CER Team
CER validation:
  • Duplicate verification
  • Publishing to the dashboard

Disclose Your Wallets ➠

Exchanges who are willing to share hot and cold wallets to proof faith and openness to the community

How to participate:
  • Disclose your hot and cold wallets public address which keep BTC or ETH
  • Apply for wallets verification test provided by 4 levels verification system
  • Learn feedbacks provided as a result of test completion
What you will get:
  • Trust from the crypto community who will support your activities
  • Permanent and loyal clients for your services from community members
  • Participation in co-branding marketing programs which brings more global recognition
  • Ability to engage funds for business development from investors who seek for reliable crypto business
Let's Win Together ➠

Crypto market professionals who know how to define and validate wallets of crypto exchanges.
How to participate:
  • Share an information about the already defined wallets
  • Take part in the validation process of the newly defined wallets
What you will get:
  • Receive an incredible amount of data for your researches and polishing your strategies and algorithms
  • With our co-branding programs, you can bring your global recognition to the next level
  • Influx of new clients for your services who are impressed by the expertise you provide to the global initiative
  • Attract different sources of financing to expand streams of your company researches and work
Transparency Hacker_
Take Your Reward Today ➠

Individuals or groups of enthusiasts who eager to make the crypto market transparent safe place for trading, savings, and payments.

How to start:
  • Learn how to find exchange's ➠ hot and cold wallets
  • Share an information about hot and cold wallets of exchanges
  • Receive your reward
  • Get an invite to the closed community of transparency hackers
What you will get:
  • Take your financial reward for disclosing exchange's public wallets
  • Become an opinion leader by using your skills and sharing your knowledge
  • Become an official CER partner and move your amateur activity to professional world
  • Share and receive insights within a community
Become the Hacker_
CAN contribute to the system by adding hot or cold wallet:

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