Proof of Funds CERtificate is a way to build your trust and business with users
Proof of Funds CERtificate
CER's key initiative is to change the main ranking factor for crypto exchanges from trade volume to blockchain balance. In partnership with trusted industry leaders such as Etherscan, Crystal Bitfury, and our CER community, we have performed research and collected over 16 million BTC & ETH crypto wallets that are associated with 200+ exchanges
Creating this rating from public data sources is a significant step in the direction of transparency and accountability which will be followed by serious crypto exchanges. To achieve 100% accuracy, crypto exchanges will have to voluntarily be involved in the crypto wallet certification process
Assurance to crypto exchange stakeholders that you are accountable and transparent for the funds held on behalf of its clients

How it works
The initial intake form
NDA & Subscription
Wallets submission for validation
Wallets validation by CER
Additional validation by Etherscan and Crystal BitFury
CERtificate issuing to your exchange
Update of the Blockchain Balance ranking
Receiving a review at CER and release of joint PR-statement
Benefits from up-to-date Proof of Funds CERtificate ownership:
Become a member in crypto exchanges transparency initiative
Community traders loyalty growth
Potential clients trust growth
Priority order in CER Blockchain Balance ranking
Increased chances for listing at biggest cryptocurrency market data aggregators
Initial BTC & ETH wallets submission and 3 months CERtification is 2,500 USD payable in BTC, ETH or HKN until May 31st, 2019.
Starting June 1st, a 6-month CERtificate subscription is available for the equivalent of $10k (USD) and to be paid in BTC, ETH, or HKN.
Payable in BTC
Discount: 0%
USD equivalent : $10 000
Crypto equivalent:
1.9 BTC
Payable in HKN
Payable in ETH
(adjusted at the date of wallets submission)
Discount: 10%
USD equivalent : $9 000
Crypto equivalent:
30 000 HKN
(adjusted at the date of wallets submission)
Discount: 0%
USD equivalent : $10 000
Crypto equivalent:
55 ETH
(adjusted at the date of wallets submission)
Why paid subscription
The analytics and blockchain researchers team from CER, Crystal Bitfury and Etherscan are auditing all submitted wallets and take responsibility for accuracy of the ranking information
During the subscription period, crypto exchanges can submit new wallets to be added to ranking on a priority basis
When the wallet ownership is verified and confirmed, it will be added within 72 hours from the date of submission
Automated wallets submission through verified crypto exchange dashboard
Wallets validation for unCERtified exchanges can take up to 3 weeks
All submitted wallets are verified by CER, Crystal BitFury, and Etherscan teams
The wallet addresses are not disclosed publicly as a security measure to prevent the malicious intent of bad actors
Cybersecurity is our main value and key priority — all the data is secured and stored safely
3 has public bug bounty program to ensure continuous security level monitoring
Subscribe for 6 months now
Free of charge subscription till 31st May is designed on the first come first served basis

Cryptocurrency exchanges who want to be first to receive Proof of Funds CERtificate can purchase the 6-month subscription now
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