Based on our considerable expertise, Crypto Exchange Ranks provides liquidity analysis and auditing services with the following certification.

A Liquidity certificate by CER is:
  • Proof of authentic liquidity free from volume manipulations;
  • A quantified liquidity metric as a measure of its sufficiency;
  • A demonstration of good faith in providing the best trading experience possible to its customers.
The certification will encourage more and more traders and investors to be attracted to your platform, encouraging:

  • Trust in your exchange to increase
  • Your customer base and community to grow
  • Revenues to rise
  • Your integrity within the crypto market to develop
Certification process_
For the liquidity audit, we use a number of profound data analysis methods, meaning granting us access to your comprehensive data is crucial. In order to be considered for certification, your only task is to provide us with the most complete and granular data available for us to complete the analysis.
Metrics and parameters we investigate_
  • Price-Volume Correlation
  • A rate of volume inside the spread
  • A rate of volume made by instantly filled order
What we need from you_
  • The most granular historical trade and orderbook data you have available.
  • You will then need to wait up to 15 business days for the results of our analysis.
How it works_
Audit preconditions
Liquidity Audit
Issued CERtificate
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