Bringing the crypto industry to the next maturity level
Key Threats of the Crypto World_
The continuous outflow of resources from the industry
Projects are forced to sell crypto in order to pay for salaries and other costs
Regulation is far away
Traditional markets still don't see a big threat from the crypto industry, and no one is in a hurry to set up regulation
Similar to gambling
Crypto is being compared to the gambling industry where people lose money as opposed to the innovative industry it is with its startups and fundraising tools
Crisis behavior models
Fear and uncertainty pushes teams to fight in shitstorms with each other, rather than unite and clean the industry from scams and set up fair rules
The Crypto industry experiences a tremendous lack of trust due to the immense amount of fake data available
CryptoCurrency Exchanges are able to fake their trade volumes. Because nobody can track the validity of the reported volume, exchanges can (and have) manipulate their daily trading results in order to rank higher within crypto ranking boards
A numerous amount of respectful analytical agencies speak loudly about fake trading volume taking place at cryptocurrency exchanges and how this practice damages the industry. Bitwise, The Tie, Blockchain transparency Institute, Crypto Integrity and many other grounded researchers have recently released reports disclosing these problems in detail
The Problem with Fake Volumes_
A popular technique used to inflate trading volume is called "Spread Trading". To learn how to identify this manipulative tactic, read this article

CER Solution. Blockchain Balance Ranking_
We at CER are conducting ongoing research studying the problem of fake volume since summer 2018. After thousands of research hours, we were able to conclude that the trade volume metric used by crypto exchanges as the main ranking factor does not provide crypto traders with fair information on size, quality, and integrity of the exchange. This approach will only yield ways for an exchange to manipulate data and provide an advantage to unfair players who would fake volumes just to be on the top of ranking websites such as CMC.

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise due to the advent of blockchain technology. Transparency and accountability of a transaction are the key features of a blockchain. Most Crypto exchanges are centralized, and yet a major stakeholder, however, they do not
adhere to a transparent and accountable standard presented by blockchain.

Throughout the past 9 months, we have identified 16M+ hot and cold wallets associated with crypto exchanges. These wallets are included in the ranking.

CER team in cooperation with Crystal Analytics by BitFury and Etherscan has released first ever cryptocurrency exchanges BTC & ETH balance ranking.
Key Advantages Over Trade Volume Ranking_
Real size of an exchange
Validity of an exchanges order book
Balance/volume benchmarks
Early warning about insolvency issues
Real size of an exchange
Balance/volume benchmarks
Validity of an exchanges order book
Early warning about insolvency issues
Key Advantages Over Trade Volume Ranking_
Blockchain Balance Ranking Quality Assurance_
CER's main goal is to ensure the quality of the blockchain balance ranking
That is why we have engaged industry leaders and encouraged crypto exchanges to provide accurate data to CER
We designed a ranking framework to be trusted by all crypto stakeholders
Blockchain Balance aggregation and validation is done in cooperation with:

Crystal Analytics by BitFury
According to the business model of a Decentralized Exchange, user funds are not kept by the exchange. Therefore DEXs cannot be included in the Blockchain Balance ranking.
DEXs have an enormous potential and eventually will overtake centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of number of traders and trade volume due to its transparent and accountable nature
In the circumstance where volume (specially fake volume) is the key ranking metric, DEXs are not competitive
The solution here is to create a separate ranking for DEXs and to separate them from being ranked with centralized cryptocurrency exchanges
DEXs should be ranked based on the following parameters:

Daily number of trades
Commission earned
Trade volume
Unique number of traders
Are you working on a DEX? We encourage you to contact us to work together on ranking your DEX
Solvency Issue_
In the first release of our Blockchain Balance metric, we will include for now balances of BTC and ETH. While it is not difficult to include USDT, we have decided to not track USDT at this time do to its comparability issue
Rankings are only trusted when all players are fairly comparable to each other. Currently, a number of exchanges do not use USDT as their stable coin having other Fiat pairs instead
CER's ultimate goal is to push centralized cryptocurrency exchanges to perform external audits and provide the public with trusted information about their assets and liabilities
The industry has received a fresh warning with QuadrigaCX not being able to provide Proof of Funds misleading their customers. Only few exchanges provide
audit tools to verify solvency (Kraken with Proof of Reserves)
Early adopters of the Blockchain Balance metric will demonstrate a step towards maturity and transparency with its customers and pave the way for a healthier future for the entire industry
5 CERtificates that ensure crypto exchanges are adhering to industry standards
Liquidity CERtificate
We perform deep analysis of the trading volume and resulting trading volume adjusted to spread trading

coming soon
Community CERtificate
Verified number of real traders and community

coming soon
Q1 2019
Crypto exchnages blockchain balance ranking released
Q2 2019
Proof of Funds CERtificate
Cybersecurity CERtificate
Q2 2019
Integration with main crypto analytics platform
Q3 2019
CER digital assets audit service
3+ new CERtificates
Q3 2019
Blockchain balance historical data explorer
Q4 2019
Cooperation with banking associations
Cooperation with governments and regulations
CER Roadmap_
Who Do We Look For_
We are searching for trusted partners who believe in long crypto run.

A potential partner has to make contribution in form of relevant database / business development activities and/or financing
Our Potential Partners
• Blockchain Analysis Companies
• Media Partners
• Rating Agencies
• Regulators & Goverments
• Audit Firms
• Banking Associations

"Change The Crypto Industry" Initiative_
Blockchain balance is the only objective metric available to rank crypto exchanges
Blockchain Balance tracking is a sole result of blockchain technology which makes crypto currency exchanges different from the stock and forex markets
Spread the word about Blockchain Balance Ranking and help the industry mature!
Blockchain Balance tracking is a sole result of blockchain technology which makes crypto currency exchanges different from the stock and forex markets.
Lets make exchanges to #STOPFAKEVOLUME
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