Cybersecurity CERtification helps crypto exchanges to identify risks and mitigate vulnerabilities
Crypto exchanges are the banks of the future, accumulating and operating with large amounts of clients' funds and, due to the KYC process, are responsible for handling a considerable amount of sensitive data. Therefore, security is a serious issue that should be addressed in advance
Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) offers exchanges the ability to prove their compliance with security requirements and standards by passing through security audit and therefore obtaining Cybersecurity Certificate. On obtaining this certificate, an exchange can openly demonstrate to the community that it takes a serious stance on its cybersecurity. In other words, the cybersecurity certificate is an objective confirmation that an exchange is a safe place for user funds and personal data
CER Cybersecurity Certification aims to provide a secure trading environment, via a universal standard
Certification cover areas such as the building and maintenance of a secure network, protection of clients data and provide effective cybersecurity threats protection measures
Why Cybersecurity is important
$500 million
During 2018, hackers stole more than $1.3 billion solely from crypto exchanges due to vulnerabilities in their digital infrastructure. The most serious hacks to date are:
$170 million
$40 million
The possible reason for this lack of security is that there are no obligatory requirements on crypto exchanges in terms of a regular security audit. The security procedures conducted by exchanges directly depend on their desire to participate. However, this is not an appropriate approach for the development of an innovative FinTech industry
CER Cybersecurity Certification isn't just about satisfying a list of guidelines — it's a very real and proven way to protect you and your clients' data from outside attacks
Business Benefit for cryptocurrency exchanges to be
Decreased risk of security breaches
With breaches much less likely to happen, you'll have one less thing to worry about in the daily course of running your business
Peace of mind for your clients
Your clients may not currently understand every detail about what it means to be CERtified, but their awareness about the issue is growing. Every day, more and more of your clients are growing savvy about how their data is protected when they use their assets
Boost in customer confidence
• Security Headers
• Cookie Security
• DDoS Protection
• Email Security
• Penetration Test
Product & Infrastructure
• 2FA
• Strong Password Policy
User Accounts
Steps and Conditions of Certificate Issuance
Apply and Sign NDA & Subscription agreement
Documents submission
Exchange compliance check
Recommendations list
Remediation verification
CERtificate issuing and submission to our partners
Certificate Issuance Timing
The auditing procedure, from initiation to providing a full report, takes up to 21 business days.
Certification Deliverables
In Exchange Cybersecurity auditing, CER is required to provide the following:
Cybersecurity Certificate label
A special mark, that is displayed on the CER platform to highlight evidence that an exchange is considered secure as well as report
A personal embeddable widget that can be placed on the exchange's website to show ownership of the certificate
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