A community is the basis of any crypto exchange. It not only provides a platform with real liquidity, awareness, and practical support, but also contributes to an exchange reputation and trading attractiveness. Users're always looking for a public opinion about an exchange before starting to useing it.
Prove the world that you have REAL community of active users.
Show your users that you apply only ethical marketing techniques.

Get trust of the global community
Do you want to become one of the first exchanges to shape the future of the crypto market?
Community CERtification includes two obligatory activities performed by CER:
Exchange Website performance assessment:

  • Website performance analysis
  • Traffic sources analysis
Multi-faceted analysis of the community:
  • Size of the community
  • Community Activity
  • Sentiment Analysis
Website Performance + Traffic Sources Analysis (5 days)
  • Analysis of Landing Pages using Similar Web, Semrush, and Ahrefs;
  • Analysis of Landing Page Performance using Google Analytics and Hotjar;
  • Formation of the report considering the analytical results.
    Community Assessment (7 days)
    • The CER team evaluates the real size of exchange's community on all social networks and spaces (Classificating community members according to the methodology).
    • The CER team evaluates the REAL activity of exchange's community. (Counting The Aggregated Community Index = Size/Activity after determining the activity around each channel);
    • Sentiment Analysis: the CER team evaluates all mentions of an exchange and its brand name on the internet by the members of the community to determine the public opinion about this exchange.
    Creation of the report based on the received results (3 days)
    • Providing an Exchange with the recommendation how to improve website performance and community environment if needed.
    • Issuance of the Community CERtificate
    Total Timeframe for the Community Certification is 15 business days.
    Access to analytics of clients' landing pages (Google Analytics (GA), Hotjar, etc.).

    Analytical summaries of the main Social Media Accounts' performance during the previous 6 months.

    To be able to wait for 15 business days.

    Please, make sure that all the analytical tools provided are available in English. All the documents must be in English as well.
    In case of significant issues with community management, you will get the list of identified problems and detailed recommendations on how to solve them.

    In case of a successful pass, you will be granted a 6-month valid certificate in the form of the iframe to visually differ from your competitors.
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