We can help you find the best opportunities, which enable you to focus primarily on making the best trading decisions
Our toolkit allows you to view all trading opportunities and help you find the perfect trading deal but of course, the final decision is always yours. You can choose which deal is profitable for you and which opportunity to capitalize on.
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Real Profit
  • View the real-time opportunities with FEE calculation based on your trading volume and preferences.
  • Profit is calculated by the best bet and best ask: we analyze all crypto exchanges and order books in order to find the maximum possible trade volume for you.
  • Instant notifications to your Email and Telegram.
  • Fully customized according to your trading preferences.
  • CER Arbitrage tools allow you to tailor alerts to only be triggered when the market conditions are favorable for your profitable trade.
Fine Tuning
  • Fully customized arbitrage calculations created according to the user`s personal preferences and factual capital allocation.
  • Storage of historical opportunities in order to provide effective capital allocations for arbitrage.
  • Calculating the exact number of coins to be bought and sold in order to execute an opportunity considering the transaction and withdrawal fees.
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